Young girl in casual pretty photo

Preparing for your portrait session

Several days before your photo session, fully plan and organize your session wardrobe and accessories. Try on each outfit, including underwear and jewelry, to make sure everything fits. Check for visible panty lines and bra straps, and note any body-hair removal requirements.

  • Do laundry. Remove lint and press if needed. Tighten all bra straps for some extra lift.
  • Polish your jewels. Wedding rings and other jewelry should sparkle.
  • Get organized. We will group the coordinating pieces of each ensemble together on the same hanger.
    Example: Top + Bottom + Bra+ Spanx + Necklace
  • Arrive comfortable. Wear a comfy outfit to your photo session. This is what you’ll be wearing during styling, so choose something easy to remove without messing up
    your hair or smearing your makeup.

What to wear

“To me, clothing is a form of self-expression – there are hints about who you are in what you wear.” ~ Marc Jacobs

Bring 5-6 outfits

With the chance to wear several different outfits, we can showcase a variety of moods and qualities. You’re multi-faceted. Let’s capture that.

Something Light
Bring something in a soft shade of blush, gray, nude, cream or white.

Something Dark
Black, chocolate, charcoal, or dark, rich jewel tones will all work well.

Something Classic
Put together an ensemble (or two) that’s timeless and chic. Whether you need images for business, want to keep things casual, are aiming for something a touch dressy and ladylike – or even all three.

Something Sexy
Sexiness can mean wearing a backless gown or beautiful lingerie. Even a sweater can feel sensual when worn off-the-shoulder; and slip-dresses nod to lingerie while still feeling dressed up.

Something Epic
A photo shoot is the perfect opportunity to dress like a movie star, (and a great excuse to go shopping). You might even rent, borrow, or custom make your dream outfit. Give yourself permission to go all out.

How do you dream of being photographed? Remember, this is your chance to be a model for a day. A Princess. A Siren. A Goddess.

Makeup tips

The best makeup for photography is matte eye shadow and glossy lips. Less is more because we can always add makeup and smooth out your skin tone when we retouch your photos.

It’s helpful to moisturize your face and get enough sleep the night before your photo session.