Pet lovers, join us for our special fundraising event!

PawPrints Pet Portraits

A unique perspective on your pet

Supporting Nourish Pierce County Food Banks

Next Event: Friday, August 2, 2024

For paws-itively amazing pet portraits, join us for this special event

Is your pet a big part of your family? Your best friend?

Are you ensuring that you have some great photos to remember your pet?

Why not get these unique and extremely cute photos of your pet from an unusual perspective? 

Your $100 donation to Layla’s Project to Fight Hunger benefitting Nourish Pierce County Food Banks secures your appointment.

Dancer jumping up in the rain taken in a photo studio
Boy jumping in the rain

How do we create this unique pet portrait perspective?

We’ve created a special glass floor for your pet to stand on. Our photographer takes photos from underneath your pet. The result: Adorable pet photos!

Don’t think your pet will cooperate with our photographer?

For these special events, we will have a professional dog trainer from Notre Dog Academy on hand using science-backed methods to ensure great photographs of your pet.

Why are we offering PawPrints Pet Portraits as a fundraiser?

When we lost our beloved black lab, Layla, in 2021, we wanted to do something to honor her and support the community with her spirit. We created Layla’s Project to Fight Hunger with the goal of raising a minimum of $15,000 in donations for Nourish Pierce County Food Banks.

As professional photographers who love pets, we were always looking for unique ways to photograph Layla and our clients’ pets. Recently we developed this glass floor and named the resulting images PawPrints.

Two boys playing in the rain taken in a photo studio
Dancer posing in the rain.

How does the PawPrints Pet Portraits event work?

On August 2, 2024, we will be offering 15-minute timeslots. Spaces are limited, so we recommend signing up as soon as possible.

Reserve your session by clicking the REGISTER FOR PAWPRINTS button below. Your minimum $100 donation may be collected using the DONATE TO LAYLA’S PROJECT TO FIGHT HUNGER button or you may bring your donation to your appointment.

On the day of the event, our staff will greet you and your pet at the door when it’s time for your appointment. We’ll give your pet a few minutes to check out the surroundings, then our professional dog trainer will help your pet onto the special PawPrints glass platform and guide it to pose for some great photos. Don’t have a dog? You are welcome to bring  your cat, iguana, snake, or you-name-it!

As a thank you for your donation, you will receive one free watermarked digital photo of your pet. These photos are great for social media. You’ll have time to select your favorite photo after the session that will be delivered to you in about a week via email.

Unwatermarked keepsake images are available for purchase starting at $275 for a matted 8×10 print.  Some participants spend $300, some spend $3000.  What you spend is entirely up to you.  There is no obligation to make a purchase.

One pet per session, please.

Join this PawPrints Pet Portraits special event!

Space is limited. Sign up today!