About Windell Portraits

You’ll love your experience AND your photos when you work with us in our large Lakewood, WA studio

About Photographer Risë Windell

Hi, I’m Risë (rhymes with Lisa). I opened Windell Portraits and this great photography studio in March 2019 to create endless portrait possibilities. As in my former engineering career, I devote myself to producing high-quality work and to continuous learning. My goal is to create portraits that exceed my clients’ expectations.

I’m dedicated to listening to your vision for your photos and committed to making you feel confident during your photo session. Your photographs will look just like I see you, which is much less critical than you are of yourself. Temporary flaws like blemishes will be edited, your pet will be looking at the camera, and your personality will shine through.

Let’s have fun creating your portrait photography experience!

Meet Veronica

When you come in for a photo session, you’ll likely meet co-owner Veronica Windell. As you might guess from her name, she is Risë’s amazing daughter, and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. She values high-quality work and continuous learning, along with that same attention to detail as her mom.

A former Seattle Children’s Hospital lead research scientist with degrees in Molecular Biosciences (MS), Microbiology (BS), and Genetics and Cell Biology (BS), Veronica now supports Windell Portraits with her creativity and advanced problem-solving skills. Away from the studio, she loves to travel and prefers to be outdoors. Backpacking, skiing, and scuba diving are her favorite activities. (Yes, she takes underwater photos!)

Windell Portraits Tacoma Portrait Photographer
Windell Portraits Tacoma Portrait Photographer

Meet Kym

Kym is an artist. Her superpower is discovering great posing ideas for animals and humans. She watches to be sure that your hair is in place, your clothes hang right, and your body position looks natural in your photo.

Kym loves and understands animals, so when we need an extra set of hands to wrangle a dog, cat, bearded dragon, opossum, or snake while our subjects get into position, she calmly makes it happen without distress to your critters.

Imagine the possibilities in our portrait studio

Woman looking glamorous with pink curtains around her


We have a large variety of colored and textured backdrops, a rustic wooden door, windows, and drapes. Let us know what you’re envisioning.

Dog on a settee in Christmas scene

Furniture and Sets

Family portraits and glamour photography look great on this velvet settee. We have modern and vintage furniture to create the scene you’re looking for.

Man outdoors with a mural behind him.

Outdoor Space

Outside the studio is also a good amount of outdoor space for pets and natural light photos.

Windell Portraits Tacoma Portrait Photographer


We have the ability to make it rain in our studio! Dancers and athletes love it. What can you create in the rain? Learn more about RainLight Photography.

Come and see our studio!

To get a real feel for your possibilities, we invite you to come and see the studio for yourself.